Dr Adaora Precious Dagogo, Stechad LTD
Dr Adaora Precious Dagogo
Managing Director
Stechad LTD

Dr. Adaora Precious Dagogo, a dynamic entrepreneur in her late 20s, boasts over a decade of leadership experience, pioneering start-ups globally. From Nigeria to Europe, including the UK, Germany, and Ukraine, she has left her mark, notably establishing Onwards Sports Management in the UK and expanding its reach across 15 countries within just four years. Currently, as Managing Director of Stechad Ltd., an IT start-up in the UK and Nigeria, Adaora has propelled the company's revenue from zero to six figures in USD within three years, catering to industry giants like Shell and Amazon. Her academic prowess, with degrees in medicine and public health, coupled with a proactive embrace of technology, showcases her commitment to excellence and continuous learning.

Beyond her professional endeavours, Adaora champions women in technology, actively mentoring and supporting them while spearheading initiatives to empower young girls in Nigeria to pursue careers in IT. Her dedication extends to leadership training programs for young adults, earning her widespread praise and numerous awards, solidifying her status as a seasoned speaker and valued board member across Europe and Africa. Engaged in prominent networks like Forbes BLK and Women in AI, Adaora remains dedicated to fostering women's empowerment and inclusive leadership.