Arthur Schneider, Bechtle Group
Arthur Schneider
Head of Sustainability Management
Bechtle Group

Arthur Schneider has been with the Bechtle Group for more than seven years and is now heading the central sustainability team. His career started in European Public Tendering, where he learned how social and environmental criteria function as valuable decision-making elements. He collaborated with vendor and service partners and established concepts on sustainable logistics and energy efficient IT-solutions. Coming from a dedicated role for Public Sector IT-projects, he went to the Bechtle AG where he now acts as the Head of Sustainability Management. He makes use of his hands-on experience from projects and integrates market needs into best practices. He and his team act as the knowledge centre within the organization for all kind of sustainability questions. As he reports directly to the Executive Board, he also advises them on upcoming legislation and market needs. He also leads the sustainability strategy 2030 including all major projects and ambitions the company has set. Being a positive-minded person, he always thinks of opportunities in any kind of project and situation. That´s why sustainability is the future theme for him, where he´ll invest time and ideas as there are still many milestones to achieve on the long-term sustainable transformation. In his opinion, every sustainability action needs to have a clear vision on possible impacts.